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  • R&D Technology Management

    We continuously employ a holistic and participatory approach in planning and programming activities to ensure coherence of all our Research Development...

  • R&D Activities

    We package regional proposals and monitored R&D activities funded by PCAARRD, DA-BAR, and CHED.

  • R&D Results Utilization

    We continuously advocate, promote, and commercialize our generated technologies to our stakeholders. The Techno Gabay Program (TGP), through the four components...

  • Capability Building and Governance

    We strengthen the skills, competencies and abilities of our researchers, staff, farmers, and other stakeholders through the following activities to build and enhance their knowledge...

  • Policy and Advocacy

    Policies, resolutions, and memorandum of agreement were the bases in the implementation of ILARRDEC activities. The Regional Research and ...

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