ILARRDEC carries on activities on coordination, monitoring and evaluation of agriculture, resources, research and development in Region I and facilities sharing among its member-agencies.

While relying on its members' strengths and pool of expertise, ILARRDEC forms a formidable complementation of capabilities to maximize the resources for R&D, eliminates the duplication of research efforts among member-agencies and focuses activities to eliminate fragmentation in R & D. Likewise, effective utilization and transfer of research results attains the goals of sustainable development in agriculture, forestry and natural resources.

ILARRDEC translates its R & D activities into focus programs aligned with the national development agenda. It enhances and revitalizes human resource capability, foster active cooperation and partnership not only with the local government units, and non-government organization, but also even with foreign organizations; and increases its membership to expand more services and cater the needs of the greater populace.