Research Activity

Title:Design and Development of an Automated Hot Water Treatment for Mango

The study developed an automated (continuous type) Hot Water Treatment (AHWT) machine for mango.


                  The main components of the AHWT are (1) controllers, (2) driving system, (3) hot water tank, (4) conveyor buckets system (5) feed conveyor table, (6) exit conveyor table and (7) blower. A microcontroller constitutes the controller of the AHWT to ensure smooth regulation of speed and temperature.



  • The AHWT is functional and effective. It is capable of treating mangoes at a capacity of 122kg-1404kg per hour at 10min down to 1min immersion time respectively. Effective in reducing mango diseases 1% at 2min treatment against 10-40% of that of the existing hot water treatment (HWT) technologies.
  • Cost of operation which is less than PhP 0.40 starting at 5min. immersion down to 1min immersion time is very competitive as compared to the traditional HWT.