Research Activity

Title:RDE Management on Dragon Fruit and Its Implication to Social Responsibility: The Project SANIATA Experience

In the Philippines, dragon fruit is becoming a favorite of many Filipinos for its known therapeutic properties. Because this fruit is now considered as “Healthy Food for the Table,” it is now gaining popularity and will eventually pose a great demand among local consumers. This is therefore becoming an emerging champion in the local fruit industry by giving a lucrative income to farmers. 

Dragon fruit is excellently grown in Ilocos Norte because of its adaptability to the   climatic (Type 1) and soil conditions of the province.  It can grow even in marginal upland and sand dune areas which abound in the province.  Through the “Project SANIATA” or SAgut Ni Imee Agnanayon Talged nga Agdur-as (Imee’s gift for sustained progress), the research, development and extension on dragon fruit was implemented. The relevant management strategies and accomplishments including problems and lessons learned were documented. This could be an input to other researchers where they could also draw insights. Hence, this study was conducted. The following are the activites undertaken during the conduct of the research.

A.    RDE Management
Planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation were done for the smooth implementation of the project. Technology assessment was also conducted to evaluate how the technology performed in the farmers’ field.

B.     Research Activities
To improve the existing research activities, series of experiments were conducted to answer problems arising from the field and for continuous innovation and improvement of the Package of Technology (POT). The experiments were focused on the problem- and need-based context.  These were conducted by researchers, thesis students, and farmer- led experiments on the science and technology based-farm. Value adding as well as value creation activities were also conducted.

C.    Research utilization activities
To ensure that the technologies will trickle down to the grass roots, various technology promotions were employed to include distribution of IEC & ICT materials and conduct of training programs, dragon fruit festival, technical assistance and product exhibits displayed in various parts of the country.

D.    Public-private partnership
Public-private partnership were forged with LGUs at the provincial, municipal and barangay levels through the Local Executives, the  Department of Education and the dragon fruit producers’ cooperative.