Techno Gabay Program

The Techno Gabay Program was conceived and is being implemented to provide information and technology services in agriculture, forestry and natural resources via an effective mechanisms; to strengthen the link among technology generators, technology services and technology adoptors; and to complement the Local Government Units' (LGUs') and Rural Based Organizations' (RBOs') efforts in providing information delivery and technology services.

The Techno Gabay Program in the Ilocos continued to strengthen the technology promotion and commercialization of various technologies which pave the way for the increased of the economic productivity of the stakeholders.

The technology management services is the core component of Techno Gabay. It provides services to disseminate, promote and commercialize technologies. With its four major information and technology delivery modalities, the Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS), Farmers Scientist Bureau (FSB), Information Education and Communication (IEC), and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Services, the Techno Gabay program increased its linkages with LGUs and other development partners. These are properly coordinated and implemented through the Regional Technology Promotions Group (RTPG). The RTPG Coordinator together with the Techno Promo specialist closely monitored the technology services provided by the FITS Centers, as well as the adoption strategies of the Magsasaka Syentista (MS) in the Region.

Moreover, the RACO Coordinator with the help of RMIS group facilitates the techno packaging and dissemination of the agricultural information and technologies to the farmers and other stakeholders. The RMIS Coordinator spearheads ICT related activities such as databases and webpages updating.

Today, the ICT is incorporated in the production of IEC-based materials. These are reproduced and distributed to member-agencies.

The Techo Gabay in the Ilocos Region leaflet promotes and creates people's awareness of the program. It features the components of the program like the FSB, FITS, IEC, and ICT activities and services in the consortium. Copies of these are distributed to the FITS centers, farmer-clients, local government units, and researchers in the region. Public awareness on the Techno Gabay activities is also being done through featuring them over the ILARRDEC radio program aired at DWFB-Radyo ng Bayan, Laoag City.

Outstanding farmers are appointed as Magsasaka Syentista. Meeting and coordination by the RTPG are conducted to strengthen the linkage and support of LGUs, farmers and other clients.

Additionally, top performing FITS Centers and MS are awarded annually to give due recognition to their efforts as development partners in the region.

With the presence of FITS center in the locality, this strengthens the technology promotion and extension services of the LGU where farmers have a direct access on agricultural technologies. This program also developed outstanding farmers as MS by becoming partners in the technology development and promotion. They are empowered and trained to do their own R & D activities in their farm. This is more effective because farmers can directly identify arising problems concerning the technologies they are using and make some innovations and solutions to suit the local condition. In addition, they can share their own experiences and indigenous knowledge to other farmers.