R&D Results Utilization

We continuously advocate, promote, and commercialize our generated technologies to our stakeholders. The Techno Gabay Program (TGP), through the four components - the Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center, MagsasakaSiyentista (MS), Information Education and Communication (IEC), and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is used as strategies in the dissemination of these technologies.

We continued to maintain and enhanced our ICT tools and strategies in rendering information and technology services to our clients. Our services to our clientele via the internet have been very successful. In fact, we maintain the use of our ICT tools such as the VICON, VOIP, and computers, among others. Further, all computers in the secretariat office have internet access which made us efficient in our communication activities with the other research consortia in the Philippines. With the presence of wireless internet connection in our OSIS, students, researchers, and other individuals were able to access the internet. Our OSIS, too, was being used as venue of trainings because of the availability of ICT services.

We hasten the dissemination of our R&D-generated technologies to our stakeholders through technology demonstration farms, technology fora, field days, and other promotional activities. The MS help the consortium promote our generated technologies ready for adoption by other farmers. Their farms were used as demonstration areas of these technologies. Our STBF in the region creates great impact on the adoption of technologies by other farmers because they showcased the S&T interventions or the science-based technologies on focused commodities/products of our FITS Centers and promotes the use of relevant science-based technologies to our stakeholders. These activities were complemented through dissemination of IEC materials. The RACO spearheads the production of IEC materials. Likewise, researchers were able to produce IEC materials such as brochures, and posters. Production of said materials was required to all papers for presentation during the regional symposium.

Further, the RACO and the researchers coordinate our participation in different exhibits conducted by the different agencies wherein our MS and their products were displayed and their technologies were being promoted. News releases were regularly sent to the local and national print media. These are also uploaded to the web for wider dissemination. Our PMAs implementing the TGP also published newsletters such as the MMSU Extensionist, a bimonthly publication of the MMSU Extension Directorate. The newsletter features all extension activities including the TGP in Ilocos Norte.

Moreover, we are constantly conducting a training needs assessment to our clients (researchers, entrepreneurs) through the consortium member agencies. This is one way of identifying the technology needs or training needed of our clients, stakeholders and community partners. This will also serve as a tool for the consortium to decide on the priority activities that will be implemented for the next years.