Capability Building and Governance

We strengthen the skills, competencies and abilities of our researchers, staff, farmers, and other stakeholders through the following activities to build and enhance their knowledge and skills: a) the conduct of Seminars/trainings, b) sending CMA to participate in trainings conducted by PCAARRD and other agencies, and c) organizing study tours. Our CMAs also conducted capability building for our researchers aside from the capability buildings coordinated by the consortium.

We strengthen our programs, projects, and linkages through the continuous support of our working groups. The Regional R&D Coordinating Council (RRDCC) has vigorously and continuously performed its function as the policy making body of the consortium. The Regional R&D Group (RRDG) paved the way for the formulation of our Regional Science and Technology Agenda. The Regional Applied Communication Group (RACG), Regional Management Information Service (RMIS) Group, and the Techno Gabay Group (RTG) remained and continuously developed ways in technology dissemination, utilization and promotion.