Technology Assessment Protocol (TAP)

Assessment Protocol Team of ILARRDEC was established to ensure the appropriateness in the promotion and commercialization of matured technologies generated by the National Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Network (NARRDN).

The creation of the team stemmed from the observations that technologies, despite promotion efforts are not able to reach the commercialization stage due to some constraints and issues not anticipated or considered, as mentioned by Dr. Arturo Agraņosa during the RRDCC meeting he attended.

The technology assessment protocol serves as an early warning function about the possible positive or negative impacts of technologies to the intended beneficiaries. It also identifies precedent conditions and actions to be taken before promotion and commercialization.

All technologies identified for commercialization will undergo the Social acceptability, Technical feasibility, Economic financial viability, Environment soundness, and Political acceptability (STEEP) test criteria.

The Regional Research and Development Coordinating Committee (RRDCC) confirmed the designations of the members of the team which composed of Leonardo T. Pascua (CODA), team leader; Beatriz S. Malab and Violeta B. Alonzo (MMSU); and Patrici M. Barcelo (DMMMSU), as members.

The team is mandated to do the following: a) Determine the degree of maturity of the generated technologies of the member-agencies; b) Identify and validate gaps and risks associated with generated technologies in terms of element enterprise building; c) Recommend action of particular technology either endorsed for packaging/repackaging, and promotion for further R&D work; d) Recommend specific set of interaction to answer/overcome the identified gaps and risk; and e) Coordinate with the consortium director about the technology assessment activities.