Enhancing FITS for Rural Development

A program focused on increasing productivity and competitiveness of farmers, upland dwellers and entrepreneurs in the agriculture forestry and natural resources (AFNR) sectors by providing appropriate information and technology services.


Techno Gabay Program is one of the extension delivery models, being adapted in the country's agricultural system to develop the agribusiness sector. Thru the project "Enhancing FITS for Rural Development" or "Techno Pinoy", 116 FITS Centers will be improved thru technology services providers' (FITS staff, LGUs, MSs) capability enhancement, packaging and dissemination of appropriate content for FITS clients and value adding of agricultural products. All of these components contribute to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the rural sector. DBM thru DOST allocate a budget to support the program as part of the Medium Term Development Plan for the Philippines (MTDPP).


Increase competitiveness of Rural Economy


  • Strengthen information and technology delivery capabilities of 116 FITS Centers and their MSs nationawide.
  • Enhance services of FITS Centers in packaging and providing appropriate S&T-based content.
  • Provide FITS clients access to value adding services.
  • Promotion of POTs/best practices


Project 1. Capability Enhancement of FITS Centers and MSs

  • Baseline Survey/Performance Evaluation/ Impact Assessment
  • ICT/IEC Trainings
  • Values Enhancement
  • Social Mobilization
  • Awards and Incentives
  • Support to ATI-NITS Center

Project 2. Packaging and Dissemination of Appropriate S&T-based Content

  • Development and Packaging of need-based POTs/component technologies
  • Documentation of MS agricultural practices
  • S&T-based farm establishment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Production and dissemination of appropriate IEC materials

Project 3. Expanding FITS Towards Increasing Value of Agricultural Products

  • Value Adding S&T Services
  • E-marketing
  • Farmer Scientist Research, Development and Extensive Training Program