Research Highlight

Researchers:R.C. Carasi et al.
Year Generated:2015

Best sericulture technologies for sustainable cocoon production was piloted inIlocos Sur, La Union and Abra to uplift the socio economic conditions of subsistent farmers, create employment, mitigate the worsening effects of climate change and support the huge demand of silk and allied products.


            Community Participation Action Research (CPAR) was adopted involving local executives and their constituents in dialogue/meetings and other operations of the project. Two farmers in Abra, three in Ilocos Sur and the rest in La Union were chosen as farmer sericulturists. Eighty- one percent of them had completed trial rearing as part of their training.


            Lagangilang is 21 km northeast ofBangued and Bantay in located northeast of Vigan City. La Union model seri-communities include: Balaoan (35 km north of San Fernando City, La Union), San Juan (6 km  north of San Fernando City), San Gabriel (7 km northeast of San Juan), San Fernando City, Naguilian (42 km west of Baguio City), Tubao (5 km east of Agoo), Sto. Tomas (5 km south of Agoo) and Rosario (15 km south of Agoo).


            Areas for mulberry leaf production were suitable for the purpose with highly acceptable pH and low electrical conductivity. Aside from sericulture, farmer-cooperators also engaged in rice production, with auxiliary activities like animal raising, vegetable production, carpentry, piggery, orchard management and production of assorted items.


            Mr. RH Ancheta of Balaoan, La Union produced and delivered the highest cocoon harvest with a cumulative production of 595.9 kg in four years of operation. RT Borje of Lagangilang, Abra also established ascending cocoon production trend from his initial harvest of 20.75 kg in 2011, 27.5 kg in 2012, 55 kg in 2013 and 79 kg in 2014.


            Top grosser was RH Ancheta compiling a record sales of 94,872.00Php with notable net gain of 77,301.17Php. On the other hand, RT Borje accumulated a gross sales of 29,160.00Php and gained a total net of 8,456.00 Php from his cocoon production. However, additional income was derived from novelty production and sales of 20,630.00 for a combined income of 49,790.00 Php. Ms. Rivera of Tubao generated a combined income of 20,971.89 Php from her cocoon and novelty sales.


            The Ancheta’s farm of Calungbuyan, Balaoan utilized a total labor of 116.62 MD and has a cash-outof  23,324.00Php while Borje sericulture venture spent 18,200.00 Php for the 91.5 MD.