Research Highlight

Generator: DOST
Researchers:M.S. Nillo, FM Libunao, and RV Delfin
Year Generated:2016

Commercialization is the development of a product or service that is suitable or fitted for a wide public market. It spurs promotion of entrepreneurship, intents to profit and create jobs. Patented, existing and newly developed suksuk designed handwoven silk fabrics have been
developed and produced which are now competitive in the market in terms of quality and uniqueness in design tailored for formal and casual outfits.

The complexity of the contemporary designs made of suksuk is based on the repetitive pick-ups of the additional heddles to make pattern. The total fabric production of the patented existing and newly developed suksuk designed handwoven silk products was 506.00 m producing 166 pcs barong measuring from 1.75 – 4.5 m each with the total actual sales of P 445,600.00. The selling price of the different suksuk designed silk fabrics ranges from P 850.00 to P 1,000.00 per meter depending on the intricacy of the suksuk design.

The most saleable/ordered handwoven suksuk designed silk fabric was Binakol Wheel Type with a total production of 120.40 m. This was followed by MSN1-2015 (102.30 m), Sinanbituen (64.40 m), Butterfly (59.90 m), MSN2-2014 (36.50 m), Kayabang (35.00 m), MSN2-2015 (25.40 m), Imelda (23.80 m), MSN1-2013 (15.70 m), Diamond Rectangle 2 (11.90 m), DMMMSU-BOR
(8.20 m) and MSN1-2014 (2.80 m). 

The average projected investment cost in the production of the two newly-created suksuk designed silk fabrics is P 30,553.50 with total sales of P 41,246.30 producing a net income of P10,693.00 out of 15 pcs barongs at P 2,749.50 each and generated 47.50 man-days. The return on investment (ROI) of all designs was 35%.

Multiple ads and promotional campaigns through participation to exhibits and/or trade fairs, word of mouth or referrals, year round product display at the one-stop-shop and other outlets through consignment has resulted to a total sales of suksuk silk fabrics amounting to P2,202,712.00 from 2010 to 2014 (5 years); P 445,600 in 2015 and expected to increase and grow
in the market.