Magsasaka Siyentista

The Farmers Scientist Bureau (FSB), popularly known as Magsasaka Syentista is a shift in development paradigm towards a farmer centered model of participatory development in agriculture and natural resources. It is composed of outstanding farmers who demonstrate successful application of S & T-based and indigenous technologies. These farmers are active participants, enablers, facilitators or initiators of technology development and transfer processes.

Participating outstanding farmers are identified, evaluated and selected based on a set of criteria. As a farmer-to-farmer advisory services, FSB provides technical assistance to the local government units and farmer cooperatives or organizations.

The MS acts as resource person during trainings, seminars, field days, investment clinics, cross-visits etc; provides technical assistance and hands-on training and shares experimental insights to on-farm visitors and other FSB trainees; devotes a certain portion of his/her farms as demonstration plot for his/her own on-farm trials; tests/applies technological information learned from the seminars and cross-visits attended; and influences other farmers in adopting his outstanding farm practices by sharing information, experiences, resources and ideas.

It has been observed that through the MS who serves as a model for new technologies is very effective in promoting a certain technology. It serves as an avenue to directly involve the farmers in research and development by integrating their knowledge and experiences with the partners in science community.

FSB aims to strengthen the existing technology generated and developed by the ILARRDEC member-agencies. The MS play a pivotal role in the locality showcasing their indigenous technologies and technologies developed by the consortium.

Magsasaka SiyentistaFITS CenterContact Number
Alleon F. ChancoFITS Agoo, La Union0917-8809409
Nestor C. AcostaFITS Bacarra, Ilocos Norte077776067
Florendo D. PitpitFITS Batac, Ilocos Norte09195315483