One Stop Information Shop (OSIS)

Pagadawan, ILARRDEC's One Stop Information Shop (OSIS) is based/located at the ILARRDEC Secretariat, MMSU, Batac, Ilocos Norte. OSIS is a one-stop shop of all information and technologies newly generated and developed by the member-agencies of ILARRDEC. The ILARRDEC-OSIS uses various communication strategies to meet the needs of the clients. Among strategies already used to disseminate the information and technologies are print media (technoguides, primers, brochures, leaflets, books and others), broadcast (radio program/interview), educational communication materials (posters, billboards, exhibits, product displays and others), interpersonal communication (field visits, consultations with subject matter specialists), and the mediated communication (use of telephone). The OSIS caters to various clients such as farmers, extensionists, agricultural technicians, municipal agricultural officers, researchers, housewives, students, teachers, other government officials and stakeholders from all over the country.

The content of the ILARRDEC-OSIS is continuously upgraded through the cooperation of the RACO, RMIS, and RTPG members and the secretariat. Exhibits on new technologies, products, and other instructional materials are displayed at the OSIS to make them readily available for farmers and other clients.

Besides the ILARRDEC-OSIS, the Cotton Development Administration (CODA) and the Sericulture Research and Development Institute (SRDI) of DMMMSU maintain their OSIS on cotton and sericulture, respectively.