FITS San Nicolas conducts technology field day



             As part of the technology promotion activity of the Techno Gabay Program on the establishment of Science and Technology-Based Farms, the FITS center in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte through its Municipal Agriculture Office conducted the third and last farmers field day on organic-based glutinous corn production on March 10 with Magsasaka Siyentista Villamor Tabios in Brgy. Catuguing, in this municipality.

      The field day was participated by 82 farmers, extension workers, and various representatives from various agencies like MMSU, DA, and ILARRDEC as partners in the implementation of the project. 

       With fund support from PCARRD, and later on turned-over to ATI for the implementation of the TGP, the STBF on Organic-Based Glutinous Corn Production was estabslished in 2011.  MMSU serves as the Partner Member Agency (PMA) of ILARRDEC-PCARRD-ATI and LGU San Nicolas in the implementation of the TGP.

      The field day was highlighed by a field observation on the various S&T interventions showcased in the farm and a farmers’ forum.  Among the interventions are the use of improved seed variety (MMSU Glut 1), use of seed inoculant (Bio-N), balance fertilization, and use of trichogramma or earwig to control borer. Based on the result of the STBF, MMSU Glut 1 provides higher yield as compared to Lagkitan variety used by the farmer. Based on the computed yield per hectare, Lagkitan yields 6,638 kg and the MMSU Glut 1 was 6,635 kg.  A yield difference of 297 kg. Thus, the farmer recommends the use of the MMSU Glut 1 which is also good for chichacorn processing and at the same time, the other corn farmers to follow the different technology interventions applied in the farm as these interventions contributed to the increase in yield by the MS farmer. 

Mr. Leonardo T. Pascua, Interim ILAARDEC Director, again stressed in his message that farmers should also consider the welfare of the consumers by not applying chemicals on their produce before selling the products to the market.   This is the very reason why field days are conducted to show the farmers the benefit of applying and adopting environment-friendly technologies for the welfare of the environment, the consumers, and for economic reasons.#