Writeshop on Native Chicken Proposal held

img_2926_400The consortium headed by the Director and OIC President of MMSU Dr. Prima Fe R. Franco spearheaded a writeshop on native chicken proposal held on February 11-12, 2016 at the One Stop Information Shop of ILAARRDEC, CRL Bldg.,MMSU, City of Batac, Ilocos Norte.

The two-day writeshop was attended by various research directors and researchers from the consortium-member agencies (CMAs). Highlights of the activity is to come up a more polished research proposal in native chicken that was conceptualized in the previous RRDG Meetings. The proposal is composed of 10 different studies which will be led by the various CMAs. Among of these were as follows:

  • Study 1: Feeds and Feeding Systems for Native Chickens in the Ilocos Region (Lead Agency – DMMMSU)
  • Study 2:    Developing techniques for native chicken production in Ilocos Region (Lead Agency – NTA-FTSD)
  • Study 3: Improvement of Native Chicken Production In Ilocos Region (Lead Agency – ISPSC)
  • Study 4: Health Management Studies for Native Chicken Production in the Ilocos Region (Lead Agency – PCC)
  • Study 5. Survey of Production Practices of Native Chicken in the Ilocos (Lead Agency – DA-RFO1)
  • Study 6. Collection, Profiling and Production of Improved Native Chicken (Lead Agency – DA-RFO1)
  • Study 7: Packaging and Labeling of Native Chicken Products (Lead Agency – DOST RO1)
  • Study 8:    Technology Promotion and Commercialization of Native Chicken (Lead Agency – PSU)
  • Study 9. Supply Chain Analysis of Native Chicken in Region 1 (Lead Agency-MMSU)
  • Study 10. Applied Genetics and Nutrition in Technology Adapting Rural Areas For A Knowledgeable And Effective Breeding and Improvement of Organically Grown Native Chicken (Lead Agency-MMSU)

img_2918_400At the last day of the activity, each working group for the different studies presented their output for further assessment and evaluation before it was submitted to the consortium for consolidation.

The final output of the writeshop is expected to be submitted to PCAARRD for possible funding.