2016 Commodity Review successfully conducted

ILAARRDEC in cooperation with selected Consortium-Member Agencies (CMA) as host, successfully conducted this years' 2016 Commodity Reviews held last September 6-19, 2016. Hosted by the following CMAs: PhilRice (Rice & Rice-based Farming System / Tobacco); MMSU (Fisheries); UNP (Legumes, Ornamentals, Medicinals, Vanishing Plants, Vegetables, Bulb & Root Crops); ISPSC (Forestry, Agroforestry, & Environment / Apiculture); PSU (Fruit Crops); DMMMSU (Sericulture); DA-RFO1 (Other cereals, Livestock, & Forage); and PhilFIDA (Cotton and Other Fiber Crops), a total of 115 papers were presented from the different CMAs in the Region. Among of these papers presented, only 37 were selected for oral presentation and 33 for poster presentation in the upcoming 28th Regional Symposium on R&D Highlights which will be hosted by the University of Northern Philippines on November 7-8, 2016. The selected papers shall be presented in the RRDG and RRDCC Meeting this coming October for verification and approval.picture1_400