28th Regional Symposium on R&D Highlights held

img_9362_400The Consortium in cooperation with the host agency, the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) successfully conducted the 28th Regional Symposium on R&D Highlights held at the Tadena Hall, UNP, Vigan City last November 7-8, 2016. This year's theme is "ILAARRDEC: S&T Towards Green Economy". The event was graciously attended by various researchers, extentionists, faculty, and staff from the different consortium-member agencies as well as farmers and FITS staff from the different local government units.

Highlights of the event is the presentation and selection of Best Papers for research, development, and undergraduate category and Best Posters for research and development as well. A total of 19 papers were presented in research, 9 for development, 11 for undergraduate, 37 for poster-research, and 14 for development-research category.

img_9384_400Dr. Teodoro S. Solsoloy, Assistant Director of DA-BAR (representing Dr. Nicomedes P. Eleazar) served as the keynote speaker of the said event. Meanwhile, the panel of evaluators for the different categories were came from PCAARRD (Mr. Allan B. Siano), Central Luzon State University (Dr. Jose Abucay & Dr. Tomas Gajete), WWRRC-ERDB (Dr. Carlos Arida Sr.), NEDA-RO1 (Ms. Mariz Dafnae Mendoza), DOST-RO1 (Engr. Sulamita Catalan), BFAR-RO1 (Ms. Antonieta Evangelista), and NTA (Ms. Imelda N. Riñen).

The closing program and awarding of winners was done in the last day of the event. And here are the list of the winners for this year:

Undergraduate Category


  • First Place- Antiteratogenic Property of Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rose) Rhizome Extract in Mice/ Ma. Winde Carl P. Leonen, S.S. Abrogar, S.T Aspiras,M.A.C. Capiz, F.R. E. Dacanay/DMMMSU
  • Second Place - Molecular Identification of Banana Viruses in Symptomatic Leaf Samples and Relating the Viruses to Pre-Disposing Factors/ Micah Benize Gregorio/MMSU
  • Third Place - Exotic Rice Varieties Grown Under Organic Production System/ Desiree Jane A. Glian Maria Jennica R. AmorzaAna May G. Criste Amorza/ISPSC


  • First Place - Immunostimulant Effects of Gracilaria Extract on Growth and Haematological Properties of Brackishwater Enhanced Selected Tilapia (BEST)/ CJay B. Soliven, A.M. C. Doctolero, A.V. V. Eisma, A.J. E. Magtagnob, A.M. Palabrica/DMMMSU
  • Second Place - Characterization and Antagonistic Potential of Sponge-Associated Bacteria Isolated from Halicokna enamela (de Laubenfels, 1930) and Hitchhiker Sponge (Jaspis serpentine Wilson, 1925) Collected from Poblacion 1, Currimao, Ilocos Norte/ Gualberto Tampol, Jr./MMSU
  • Third Place- Effects of Secondary Metabolites Derived from Hormophysa triquetra (Kutsing, 1834) on Various Pathogens/ Rhea Espiritu/MMSU


Social Science

  • First Place- Assessment of Rice Industry in La Union / Geralyn S. Sung-ag /DMMMSU


Research category

  • First Place – Development and Assessment of Organic Production Management Technologies for Rice-based Agro-ecosystem/ Floramante C. Pastor, Noralyn B. Legaspi, Mario I. Remolacio, Lea C. Agbigay, Corazon Diana A. Pastor, Ma. Concepcion B. Birginias, Maricel Billones, Rosalinda Q. Santiago/MMSU
  • Second Place – Small-Scale Queen Production System for Backyard Beekeeping Using Modified Nucleus Boxes/ Joseph A. Panas/DMMMSU
  • Third Place – Occurrence & removal of chemical and microbiological contaminants on salad vegetable crops from farmer’s field of of selected organic and inorganic farms and trading posts of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur/ Aida Solsoloy et al./DA

Development category

  • First Place – Community Empowerment Through CPAR: Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur Experience in Agricultural Development/ Mark Ariel L. Agresor & Melinda G. Calumpit/DA
  • Second Place – S&T-Based Integrated Crop Management (ICM), Postharvest Quality Management (PQM), and GAP Adoption for Mango In La Union/ Angelina V. Esguerra, Rodolfo G. Nillo, Necita C. Suguitan, Ismael Valdez, Jannah Kristine Vengazo & Marianito Esguerra/DMMMSU
  • Third Place – Training on Mushroom Culture and Production/ Lucrecia A. Ancheta/DMMMSU

Research Poster Category

  • First Place– Development of Hydrologic Dataset from LiDAR Surveys for Watersheds in Ilocos Norte/ Christine Bumanglag, Rodel Utrera, Nathaniel Alibuyog, Floramante Pastor, & MMSU LiDAR 2 PHD-Team/MMSU
  • Second Place – Vermi Composted Seri-Waste: Alternative Fertilizer for Mulberry / Zosima Q. Carasi/DMMMSU
  • Third Place1. Geographic Mapping of tube wells and assessment of saltwater intrusion in the coastal areas of La Union/ Leonora Ngilangil, Desiree A. Vilar; Jacklyn C. Andrada & Jomar J. Lucena/DMMMSU 2. Spatial and Seasonal Standing Crop of Sea Grass Communities in Ilocos Sur / Petronila E. Florendo, Adora Ilac, and Charo Rojas/UNP

Development Poster Category

  • First Place– DMMMSU – SRDI Pangsakahang Demonstrasyon sa Serikultura/ T.G.Diso, R.V. Pascua, L.E. Doles, & M.G. Villaruz/DMMMSU
  • Second Place – Farmer Livestock School-Goat Enterprise Management (FLS-GEM): Pagsasanay ng Tamang Pamamaraan sa Pagkakambingan/ Patricia Barcelo/DMMMSU
  • Third Place – Nasamay a Panagsanay iti Panaguong, Nanamnam-ay a Panagbiag Pataudenna/ Lucrecia A. Ancheta/DMMMSU